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Step-by-step illustrated guide to making a brush pile with A-frame base animal shelter


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Making an animal shelter: step 1 Obtain two pieces of scrap plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) approximately " (12 mm) thick, and one piece of 2 x 4 scrap. The two pieces of plywood in this picture are 18" by 24", and the 2 x 4 is 24" long. However, the dimensions are not critical, nor is it necessary for the pieces to be symmetrical or matching in size. You may have some scrap wood in your garage or shed, or you may obtain some from a neighbor. If you see a house under construction, stop and ask if you can have some scrap lumber. The crew will likely be happy to get rid of some of their scrap (which will either be burned or end up in a landfill). They may even give you the few nails that you will need for this project!
Making an animal shelter: step 2 Nail the 2 x 4 to one of the plywood pieces as shown. Use nails that are " to " shorter than the combined thickness of the 2 x 4 (which is 1" thick) and the plywood or OSB. Therefore, a 1" to 1⅝" nail is the correct length if the plywood or OSB is " thick. If the nail is too long and projects out of the 2 x 4, it could cut the animal. Using a high-strength polyurethane glue is preferable to using nails, but it requires clamping as the glue cures.
Making an animal shelter: step 3 Now nail (or glue) the remaining piece of plywood or OSB to the 2 x 4 as shown.
Making an animal shelter: step 4 Place the A-frame structure in a suitable location . . .
Making an animal shelter: step 5 . . . and begin covering it with branches . . .
Making an animal shelter: step 6 . . . and leaves. Add more branches until the A-frame opening is at least two feet inside the perimeter of the brush pile, and you're done. You've just created a cozy home that will help keep animals warm and dry for years to come!


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