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Sheds that look
like real lighthouses

A shed that looks like a lighthouse



Step-by-step illustrated guide to making a brush pile with log base animal shelter


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Arrange the logs in a U-shape as shown. To prolong the life of the shelter, apply some nontoxic waterproof sealer to the bottom of the logs before setting them on the ground. For example, melt paraffin wax and smear it on the log bases; it will solidify within seconds.
Now place a scrap piece of plywood or OSB (oriented strand board) over the logs. Ideally, the board should be larger than the piece in this picture so that it covers the log tops.
Next, stack brush and leaves over the board. Add more until the opening is at least two feet inside the perimeter of the brush pile. You should not be able to see the opening if you have sufficiently covered it with brush. If it is visible, it will not block wind as well as it should. Don't worry about animals not finding the shelter. They know the area they live in like the back of their hands, um paws.


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